penguin update

Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin Update

After Panda Update, Google introduces another update Penguin Update in April 2012. Google Penguin Update deals with only link Quality, nothing else. Sites which get links in a wrong way always come in this update and hit by Penguin.

Sites that have purchased links or have acquired low-quality links through places such as low-quality directories, blogspam, or link badges and infographics could find their sites no longer ranking for search terms.

Which Sites Might Be Affected

Here are some of the reasons why your site might be affected by this recent Penguin update:

  • Anchor text over optimization
  • Link irrelevance
  • Outbound link quality
  • Keyword stuffing (high keyword density, repeating keywords)
  • Hidden links and hidden texts (Black-hat SEO practice)
  • Serving duplicate content from sub-domain (Fixing WordPress duplicate content)
  • Low quality backlinks

How To Recover From Penguin Update

Whether your website is affected from Penguin Update or not, you can check it from Google Analytics. If your traffic has dropped down during Update release date, then your site might be affected from Penguin Update. Here is few tips to recover from Penguin Update:-

  • Link Quality
  • Increase Anchor Text Distribution
  • Stop Building Unusual Links
  • Get rid of all unrelated links on your website
  • Only obtain backlinks from relevant sites or by providing great content.
  • Try and get links to your site with different anchor texts.
  • Try and include only contextual links.

Real Time Penguin

In its previous update(2016) Google has said from now Penguin will be Real time Penguin. Now webmasters do not need to wait for update. This is a bad news for whom who create links in illegal way for few times only. Here is more to know about Real Time Penguin.

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