top 5 mistakes in 2017

Top 5 SEO Mistakes For All Time

Mistakes Of SEO

After investing lots of time and money in Website development; now website owner again invests into it to get more traffic. The SEO Experts invest their knowledge and time into it to get more traffic and better ranking but due to few mistakes he never gets it.

These are the mistakes which do not seem like mistake but they have large impact on the website.

  • Copied/Duplicate Content

Have you hired Content writer ?


Even after that you are getting the copied content. Shame!!!

Really this is unacceptable. Whenever you get a content from your content writer never forget to recheck this. You can take the help of Copyscape which checks the duplicate content from all over the web.

For the On site content too you need to follow this. There should not be any copied or repeated content in  your internal pages too. This is important to perform a SEO audits on regular basis in order to check content. It is better to be aware of your content which might be copied from internal or external website.

  • Content Only Keyword Oriented

Have you only Keyword Oriented Content?

What are you giving to your Users/visitors ?

Do not write content only Ranking or Traffic oriented but produce something for your visitors too.

Writing keyword oriented content is good practice but stuff only content is not. Sometimes it happens when SEOs do the keyword stuffing in order to get ranking but this is not far better. Your website might get the initial hits, but this is not going to work for long way and one day you are going to be hit by Google. Google has many algorithm and tools to check the content so always put quality content.

  • Use of Meta Tags

This is the first thing which user see and get to know about your website. Whenever someone performs a search in Google he spots the first thing is website’s Description and Title. User visits to your website after reading  these things. So, never underestimate this it is looking small having few words of content but it has have weightage.

Never forget to use meta tags (Title Tag, Description Tag) in your web pages. Write your unique and persuasive title tag with important keywords.


<title>Your Title Is Here</title>

<description>Your Description Is Here</description>


  • Not Configuring Webmaster Tools of Major Search Engines

Have You Google Search Console (the new name of Google Webmaster Tool)?


And Bing’s and Yahoo’s ??


It is so common to have Google Webmaster Tools and it is also common to miss the other webmaster tools.

Isn’t it ?

You must know your website in respect of every Search Engine. Every Search Engine sends notification which may differ. So, do not waste your all efforts till you have put and configure the webmaster tool of every major Search Engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

  • Broken Links

Links That no longer lead to the intended or expected destination are known as Broken Links.

It can be Internal and External links.

For Internal Link, you should always keep checking your webmaster tools. It tells about 404 pages or broken links. It is very to download them from here and fix them. Due to broken links you can lose number of visitors. So, always keep tracking your webmaster tool and fix them.

For External link, you should have a record of your every backlinks. Try to check them on regular basis. It happens that we forget to keep checking those links although it is hard work but you must do it. You have invested your content and time for these backlinks and these are the backbone of your website.

If there are any error you can inform to Owner of that Blog/website and request them to fix the occurring error.

Besides these mistakes, there are other mistakes like 404 errors, not using correct anchor text, failing to install Google Analytics and countless others.

Don’t let these common mistakes kill your SEO strategy. It’s important to keep update yourself to prevent these mistakes from occurring.

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