google updates of 2017

The Google Updates Of 2017

All Google Updates of 2017

Here I am going to provide you those updates which have been released in 2017 till September. This contains all updates which you would have not noticed or slipped by you. Here you will get each and every updates or seems like updates. There might be few updates which have not been approved by Google but still they are working.

  • AMP Pages Are More Likely to Get into Featured Snippet
  • Sep 1, 2017
  • According to this update If the page is AMP Powered, there is more chances to getting into Featured Snippet This update can significantly affect mobile traffic. Details Here
  • Google Quality Update
  • Aug 19, 2017
  • There are many webmasters has noticed the significant changes in their ranking between Aug 14 to Aug 19.  Actually there was an update released which is known as Google Quality Update. It impacts those website which have bad user experiences as :- 
  1. – Thin content with lots of ads
  2. – Broken links and/or Flash
  3. – Low relevance to the query Details Here
  • Significant Long-Term Google Update
  • Jun 24, 2017
  • Many webmasters have confirmed that they’ve seen traffic changes during this month. Despite all efforts, this analysis has revealed no patterns for the update, and there has been no official announcement from Google. Details Here
  • Weeklong Google Update
  • May 17, 2017
  • It has been seen some changes in ranking which reminded about Google Update again and it has been confirmed by many webmasters Although this change may be caused by the recent drop of the Featured Snippet link from search results, it is not enough to completely explain the shifts, which have been occurring for a week already. Details Here
  • Google is rolling out tappable shortcuts on mobile web
  • Mar 21, 2017
  • Google has announced that a new version of its search app will now provide instant access to information related to sports, cafes and weather. This can potentially reduce mobile traffic and visibility for websites that were previously ranked for ‘regular’ searches for this information. Details Here
  • Large Google Rankings Update ‘Fred’
  • Mar 8, 2017
  • Early it was not confirmed by Google but it had huge impact on ranking and traffic both. Webmaster forums have reported numerous position and traffic shifts. Later, Google’s representatives have officially confirmed that they released an update that specifically targets websites with “quality issues.” Details Here
  • Google shows more Top Stories in Related Picks
  • Mar 6, 2017
  • Google has added a new feature that allows users to see more AMPs in search results. Some pages now show the ‘Related picks’ section under Top Stories, which can be expanded into a series of AMPs. Details Here
  • Google Algorithm Update
  • Feb 7, 2017
  • Many webmasters and tracking tools, including SEMrush Sensor, have reported significant rankings changes in Google search results. The last update was on Feb 3, 2017 and just within one week this was another update. It seems Google is rolling out another ranking algorithm update. Details Here
  • Google Japan Penalty for Low Quality Websites
  • Feb 3, 2017
  • Google Japan has announced that they rolled out an update aimed at lowering rankings of websites that don’t bring high quality content to their users. Details Here
  • Google Algo Update Seems to Target PBNs
  • Feb 1, 2017
  • Webmasters and the BlackHatWorld forum have reported that there seems to be a Google update penalizing PBNs (Private Blog Networks), a black hat SEO technique. Although these claims are supported by data from different tracking tools, including SEMrush Sensor, Google has not officially confirmed this update. Details Here
  • Intrusive Interstitials Mobile Penalty
  • Jan 10, 2017
  • Google has announced that starting January 10th it will be penalizing mobile pages with interstitials that impede user access to content. Here are the examples of techniques that could be penalized:
  1. – Pop-ups that cover the main content
  2. – Standalone interstitial that needs to be dismissed to access the main content
  3. – Hiding the main content below the fold Details Here

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