“Fred” Update in January 2017 – Google Update

As we know Google makes update at least 3 or 4 daily in its algorithm. Till now we have seen countless updates like Panda Update, Penguin Update and HummingBird Update and more.

This new “Fred” update has left several assumptions which has made SEOs demented.

Why it is “Fred” ?

Suddenly changes in ranking and traffic without any confirmation from Google side, has left many questions. The SEOs were very worried about it. They started to ask Google and its team. After some persistence, Garry Tweeted (unofficially and jokingly); “Every update unless otherwise stated, shall be called Fred.”

fred update

This is how the new update got its name “Fred”.

Meaning of Fred from Google

I have just performed a search in Google with “Fred Meaning” and look what I got from Google…

After seeing this meaning I am just taking it as Penguin’s little sister which is wiser than it.

What The Folks Were Thinking ?

Since there was nothing confirmed about it from Google side so the search experts started to give their point of view over it. Some of them said it is all about backlinks but some of them said its content. After many research and analysis the folks reached at the point that it is all about Low Quality Link.

For Whom it is Enemy ?

Let’s talk about who might be affected from this. Here is the few points which may be the valid reason for this

Since it has been already disclosed that it is all about links. Then there may be following two reasons:-

  • It affects those websites who has backlinks from spam sites.
  • It penalizes low quality content site which does not offer any value to the users.

How to recover from it ?

Are your website affected from it ?

If Yes, follow these few tips to overcome this hit:-

No Compromise with Quality

Yes you must announce this in your team meeting that you are happy with few Quality links instead of several low quality link. Never prefer any spam or low quality links you may be hit any time due to it.

Never Use Automated Backlink Generator

There are lots tools which claim to provide you quality links but this never happens. It generates backlinks in bulk so there is no way to be them as better as it needs. So, never try any paid or free tool to generate backlinks.

Get Relevant Links

Never go irrelevant topic. Just because of few links never accept irrelevant backlinks. It never provides you as much benefit as it harms you.

Use Appropriate Anchor Text

Always pick those keywords which are meaningful, relevant to the topic and one of your keyword.

Overall after seeing lots of updates we have come to know that there are many stick to hit you if you do any illegal activities in order to increase your ranking or traffic. So just be original and show what you have.

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