What is Text Ads in Google Adwords?

In Google Adwords, we can show our ads in different form such as Text, Image, Video. Here we are going to have a look over Text Ads and its features and it work.

What is Text Ads?

The Ads which have no images, videos, banners is called Text Ads. Text Ad contains only text. In Google Search Engine Result Page, it shows top most and below most part of the page.

what is text ads


There are 3 parts in Text Ads:-

  • Headlines
  • Display URL
  • Description




Max length

Headline 1

30 characters

Headline 2

30 characters


80 characters

Path 1

15 characters

Path 2

15 characters


This is the most important part of any Text Ad. This is the part which users see very first. There are 2 Headlines for each ad. There are few things which you must consider while writing Headlines.


text ads headlines


  • Must Contain Your Important Keyword
  • Write 30 characters for each Ads
  • Use dash “-” to separate the Headlines

Display URL

text ads url

Display URL can be seen by users on Search Engine Result Page. This is the link part which is clickable. It lands your users to your page. You can keep it different from the  original one. So, you must always try to use the more relevant text in domain to get more click by the users.

For www.abc.com/page1/category/ppc/display-url the display url could be anyone of the following:

  • www.abc.com
  • abc.com
  • www.abc.com/best-offers
  • abc.com/free-consultant
  • www.abc.com/WeSellStuff
  • offer.abc.com

Display URLs are one of the best effective factor for increasing CTR and it ultimately affect the quality score and increase the quality score.


Going with only short details is not more effective. With the help of Description, you can include more information about your products or services.  Be always to the point. Never try to put the unwanted or useless things. It is the good practice to include the Contact number and CTA words like Discount 25%, Free, Offer and more.

Hope you enjoyed this Article. Thanks for reading this.

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