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Types of Goal in Google Analytics

Types Of Goal In Google Analytics

There are 4 types of Goal have been created so that the things with different objectives could be measured in an easy way.  Basically these are the ways to track your goals. In Google Analytics you can create total 20 Goals.

There are 4 types of Goal:-

  • Destination
  • Duration
  • Pages/Screens per session
  • Event


Goal Type

What it Tracks




User Engagement

Specific page visited on your website

Thank you page
Duration User Engagement Length of a visit in your website 2 minutes or longer spent
Event Engagement or Action An action defined as an event Click Link,  Download PDF, Watch a Video
Pages/screen per Session User Engagement Specific Number of pages has been viewed by a user 3 pages viewed

There are another type of Goal

Macro and Micro Goal

Macro goal: The primary goal or conversion on a website. This could be a sale, Transaction etc.

Micro goal: A secondary goal on a website. This could be a newsletter subscription, Sign up, Download PDF.

It’s important to have both Micro and Macro Goal for your website. It helps you to get more understanding of your visitors’ behavior. And it gives you a path to create or update your plan.

It is not important that every visitor will take your services or buy your products but defining these goals you can have a detailed data.

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