top 5 tools for local seo

Top 5 Tools for Local SEO

The local SEO is very unique. Therefore, the challenges and tips to manage them are also very different from the organic SEO. The demands and solution for local businesses are different from others. Therefore, you need learn about the in and outs of the Local search system, nicely. For this purpose, you might need to learn about several tools that are available in the current times, to ease the management of Local SEO.

These tools will help you in managing your task, on a regular basis. They will even help you with time management so that you can focus for on the predetermined goals of your company. Thus, these tools will serve you as a valuable asset for your locally focused business or website. From startups to Local SEO experts, all of them can enjoy the benefits of using the below given Local SEO tools which are different from these tools

Moz Local – This tool is the best for managing the location information for your company. This technology helps in proper administration of the location data by collecting and forwarding the data to all major information aggregators such as Acxiom, Factual, Infogroup & Neustar. It even helps you by keeping a check on the duplicate listings. It points out the incomplete or inconsistent data included about the company, on the web. So, if you are looking for something that can assist you in managing your data at one place, without any trouble then this tool is the best option for you.

It is the strongest tool available in the market that can assist you with listing management and cleanups. You can use the free version of it, to perform a quick search about your company to take a look at its major listing available on the web. Every listing is evaluated, according to which you are provided with a score, on considering the inconsistencies, completeness and duplication of the listings. If you like to do things by yourself, then this tool will prove to be very helpful for you to locate errors, but you will have to rectify them, manually. Thus, Moz Local helps you in better management of important information for your business.

Google My Business – This tool was created by Mike Blumenthal, a local SEO expert. This creation helps you to match your businesses with suitable categories. The matching is obviously based of the terms that what your business is for. The tool allows you to add ten categories to your list, you can even edit then later, whenever you want to.  To use this tool, just type your product or service or related keyword to create a listing of present categories that are already present on this tool. Along with helping you in optimization of your listings, this tool also assist the users in exploring variations of keywords while performing a keyword search.

Adwords & keywords – The Google AdWords Keyword Planner is a great tool that can assist you in knowing your geographical location in a very specific manner along with processing the keyword search task, in a easier way. You just have to enter your postal code and choose a radius. Now, enter the keywords that you want to mix up with the provided location data.  From the provided details, the tool will offer a list of important keywords that can be easily used on any keyword searching tool.

If you have unique business location or multiple business sites, then you can use this tool to make your job easier. There are many keyword generators available in the market but this one is more local specific in nature.

Schema Creator – Yes, it’s true selecting a schema creator is not easy, but they are very helpful for business. The 51Blocks’ is a good tool used for generating schema to add proper data on your website. You need to enter your business details and then run this tool to get markup that offers you with better information for your business’s SEO. The best part about this tool is that it generates the suitable code for your business.

You can even use Raven to get a more target specific tool. All types of schema will definitely help you in getting the valuable solutions not just for Local SEO but for other projects, as well.

The Google Alerts – This is the most favorite tool of any SEO expert especially for local business. The tool helps in picking up the online feedbacks so that your company can be proactive about responding on them. It helps you staying engaged. It helps in providing better client service by identifying customers’ doubts and complaints. It improves the online visibility of your business by demonstrating that you care about the views of your customers. Thus, with the help of this tool you can have a better reputation managing system for your business.

Thus, these are a few important tools that you can regularly use for Local SEO purposes, to make your business better. If you are moving forward and going to manage the Social Media for your client, use Social Media Management tool to make easy your task and better.

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