On page optimization technique

Top 5 Techniques For On Page Optimization ?

On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization (aka On-page SEO) refers to make change into the website in order to Optimize the website. In this section, we optimize the content on site, meta description,  title tags and more. If you are going through the On Page Optimization of your site or Blog do not forget to check this amazing on-page Checklist.

Top 5 On Page Optimization Techniques

Below we are giving the most effective and necessary on page optimization techniques which are being used by SEOs.

 Site Speed

Google has included Site Speed in its ranking factor. Now this has been a major  part of SEO and by improving this, we will be able to maintain those traffic on the website.  According to a research that  47% of your target audience expects your website to load in under two seconds.

In this speedy life who wants to spend more time. So it is clear that you are loosing your traffic just because of traffic. Improve you Site Speed and gain more traffic and conversions.

page speed

Meta Tags Optimization

It is a good practice to have metas and optimize them according to your keywords. Lets have look on them :-

We will read these Meta Tags in separate articles in depth but here we just have a sharp look over them…

Types of Meta Tags How Do We Know Code
Meta Keywords This Defines the Title of your Topic or Webpages.
<title>Your Title Is Here</title>
Meta Description This displays below the Title of your webpages in SERP.
<description>Your Description Is Here</description>
Meta Google Verification You Get this tag when you have to verify your ownership of the website in the Search Console.
<meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”TVcVOncxy_RspRGzAcLIjhONNg3LkmDatWYxwSF52St” />
Meta Distribution It defines the level of distribution of your web pages in WWW e.g. Global, Local, IU
<meta name=”distribution” content=”global”>
Meta Robots It instructs robots to how to crawl your web pages.

 Content Optimization

This is the most important part of any website as well as most toughest work. Content is the backbone of SEO as we have been listening the phrase from long time “Content Is King” .

Why ? Why content is the king why not backlinks or any other things ?

According to a HubSpot content marketing report from 2014, nearly three-fourths of consumers prefer to research companies and businesses through articles, instead of annoying advertisements.

Content that drives traffic …

  • Is practical, useful and valuable
  • Is interesting to read
  • Is in-depth and well-written
  • Is written with the user in mind
  • Solves a problem
  • Is easy to share
  • Is optimized for a high-volume keyword

Content that are Optimized too…

  • Create Correct Content (No Spelling & Grammatical Errors)
  • Use Appropriate Keywords
  • Have Strong Title and Headings
  • Use Keywords on Right Place
  • Make Natural Anchor Text

Jot down your content for people, for user not only for Search Engines. Your content writer must know who is your customer and what does he want. It will be good if you do a Customer Persona and then write the content. This types of content will drive more traffic to your website. In Digital Marketing Content has a bright and evergreen future.

Mobile Friendly

This is the time of Mobile not Desktop. Google has officially announced that there is more searches on Mobile than on Desktop. So it has been important to optimize your site in regard to Mobile.

You can check out your blog/websites whether or not your blog/websites are responsive through Mobile Responsive Test Tools.

If you are using WordPress, it is not hard to make your website Mobile Friendly.

Heading Optimization

Do you use Keywords in headings ?


Why ?

You are missing a chance to come to nearer to 1st page.

How to Use ?

Heading 1

Use your main Keywords in H1 tag. The H1 Tag must contain you most import keywords.

<h1>Main Keywords</h1>

Headings H2, H3, H4, H5 & H6

Include your keywords in Subheading and make this subheading H2 tag. If there are more subheadings include them in other heading (h3,….h6).

Here I want to have a look over all the things once again.

  • Site Speed
  • Meta tag Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • Headings Optimization

Follow these top 5 steps while optimizing your website and get more traffic and better ranking.

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