how to increase my domain authority

How To Increase My Domain Authority

Increase Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a metrics developed by Moz. It tells that how well a website can rank in Search Engine. This is the best and most accurate metrics to know the website healthiness rather than PA (Page Authority) and PR (Page Rank).

It is measured on a scale of 1 to 100.  You have more traffic and better ranking if you have more DA.

As it is so popular that people focus more on it and always ask the question “When Is My Website Going To Achieve 50+ DA?”


Almost every SEOs have to face this question.

Here is few steps to increase the DA; but yes, this is not a game of overnight. You have to keep doing these things with patience.

Quality Content

Never published copied content, thin content less informative content. As much as you will not gain with it, you losses more. Always be specific about your subject and title. Don’t try to play with emotions of users. “How To Write Quality content?” has been a big and most asked question for a long time. One more thing, during writing content, you must not forget Panda Update.

The Domain Authority does not depend only on regular posting but it wants some great content with better length and information. The content has more power to attract readers. This types of content will definitely enhance the domain authority within few months.

Natural Links

This one is most challenging work but yes, it is effective too. You should always try to get the links from high authority websites. With the race of Quantity never compromise to Quality. The chances of getting higher Domain Authority will be increased if you get few good backlinks. Among the factors which are responsible for higher DA, Backlinks are on the top. So create it very smartly.

Never take backlinks from spam website you may lose your traffic, ranking and as well as Domain Authority. Yes, the Domain Authority can have increment and depletion both. It totally depends on your work what you are doing. There are many websites which have loose their DA just because of taking backlinks from spam  websites.

Here you can check Domain Authority at Moz and Spam Score too

increase your domain authority

As here I have shown you in the example, which have DA is 39 and Spam Score is 5 out of 17. Is this website good for taking backlink ? No, So always be far away from this type of websites.

Social Media Engagement

This one is the best option to spread your content and get more user/reader. Using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and more Social Media platform provides you one more way to reach to the more people and stable your authority. Keep using it smartly and if it is possible, then involve in the communication of your users and listen them carefully. You can ask them to their suggestions and feedback it makes more stronger relation between your blog and readers.

Domain Age

Yes, How old you are ?

It makes sense. Isn’t it ?

I have seen many bloggers who have just started their blog and ask that they are not getting DA. My Dear! This is not the right time to ask this question. As older your domain there would be more chances to get higher DA.

Can I lose My DA ?

Yes you can lose your Domain Authority. You can come down. You can lose your traffic and ranking too. As I have mentioned above too that getting backlink from spam website can kill your DA. This is the reason I have used ”Natural” word while talking about backlink creation. The same thing you have to follow in Content Creation.

Recently I have seen a blog which have 42 DA but now it 19. How ? Just because of getting backlinks from spam website. I am so confident because I was working with these guys very closely.

improve domain authority

For getting higher Domain Authority start to work on these tips and you will see dramatically changes in your DA  along with ranking and traffic.

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