how to improve your website load time

How to Improve Your Website Load Time

Improve Your Website Load Time

Website loading time is very crucial for any business. You have good services, good products and almost everything is good yet if you have not better loading time you will lose a good number of customer or traffic.

As we know Google has started to consider loading time as one of the important factor in ranking factor. So now it is more important to make it better and provide the less to your users to wait.

Amazon has done a research and found that every 100 milliseconds delay in loading the website decreases one percent revenue.

Now you can imagine how it is important for your traffic, ranking, sale and more.

Here I’m going to present few important and effective tips which helps you to reduce your loading time:-

Minimize HTTP Requests

According to Yahoo, “Almost 80% loading time of a website is spent in downloading the page’s components like images, scripts, CSS Files, and more.” We know that before calling any element an HTTP request is generated. So there would be more number of HTTP request and higher number always affects the loading time.

There are few tips to minimize the http request:-

  • Cut down the on-screen elements
  • Combine the CSS files
  • Combine Stylesheets
  • Combine the Javascripts files

If you are using wordpress you it is very easy to combine the Javascripts files. You can get W3 Total Cache plugin and just follow the instructions. Hopefully this article will help you alot. Just go through it.

Use Optimized Images

Can we do our work without images ?

No, Of Course Not!!!

We use images to make the things visually, more attractive and more understandable. So there is no way to go ahead without it.

There are huge number of images in one website so how will you deal with it and if you are not going to resolve this you will see higher loading time for your website.

There are few tips to optimize your website:-

  • Keep proper size and format
  • Give a name to images
  • Must have an alt tag
  • Reduce the file size of images

If you are using WordPress, you can take the help of plugin. There are lots of plugin available but Smush Image Compression and Optimization is the best. It resizes, optimizes and compresses all of your images within few minutes.

Enable Compression

Compressing resources with the help of Gzip can reduce the number of bytes which are sent to over the network. It is the most effective way to slow down your loading time.  By compressing resources you can reduce the time in downloading the resources, reduce data usages for the client and improve the time to first render of your pages.  

If you are using WordPress go through this article.

Number of Plugins

I have seen lots of websites which have lots of plugin which is not good. It increases your website download time. So try to keep them specific as less as possible. The huge number of plugins destroy your website speed. Now I think one question would be roaming in your mind that how many plugins we should use ?

Leverage Browser Caching

According to Google, “Setting an expiry date or a maximum age in the HTTP headers for static resources instructs the browser to load previously downloaded resources from local disk rather than over the network.”

Minify CSS, HTML and Javascripts

Compacting HTML code, JavaScript Code and CSS Code can save many bytes of data and speed up downloading, parsing, and execution time.

Know more here how to compress these codes and make your website better in loading time.

Keep Less Ads

If you are running ads or affiliate on your website, you need to have a look over them too. The code of these services slow down your website so use them very carefully and only use them which are getting clicks and converting.

Search Engine Land has described it in SEO perspective too.

Use these tactics and slow down your loading time. Hopefully these will work for you and you will be more able in slowing down your loading time which will increase your sale along with traffic and ranking.

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