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Google Ranking Factors For 2020

Ranking Factors For 2020

Here, now the research and analysis have been started by professional to reveal the secret of Google ranking factors 2020 . As we know, Google usually keep changing its algorithm and keep making them more relevant and result-oriented. So, it is necessary to have a research which would be based on experiences (As whatever changes happened in previous years) and perfect analysis of other factors.

Here I’m going to show you the things based on both thing:

In 2016, Search Engine Land said about 3 most important ranking factors. Which includes following factors:

    • Content
    • Links &
  • RankBrain

In 2017, Search Engine Land said about 8 major ranking factors which has included following factors:

    • Link Score
    • Anchor Text Relevance
    • Keyword Usage in Content
    • Length of Content
    • Comprehensiveness
    • Page Speed
    • Mobile-Friendliness
  • Click-Through Rate

So, these were the previous years factors which helped undoubtedly a lot and gave a clear message about coming things in SEO and it really gives you a great opportunity to make your plan which helps the campaign.

Here, I’m going to present the most important Google Ranking Factors 2018 :-

    1. Content
    1. Backlink
    1. Mobile Friendliness
  1. Page Speed


We have been listening for years that “Content is the King.”

Yup..its right.

This is the thing which interact with both Search Engine and Users. Therefore, it becomes more important .

The content should be more descriptive and to the point. Say just what you have shown your visitors. Try your best to create the informative content. It really works and provides better results than the other. Never mislead the visitor. It gives very bad experiences to the users and there is very little chance that they will again come back to you. It increases bounce rate. Never use the plagiarized content. You might be hit by Panda Update.

Here, giving few more tips to write the content which would be better for both Search Engine an Users:-

    • Check the Duplicate Content within the website & outside website
    • Check Grammatical Error
    • Re-check Spellings
    • Use the Heading, Subheadings while write content it make subject more open
  • Use the Bullet points after a paragraph

Understand the power of content. Content is the most important and effective part of SEO. Your content has the power which may make or break your SEO strategy. It doesn’t matter how your website structure is! How powerful you are on the Social Media! How many you have the backlinks! So, this is the most important to have the great content.

See here for more tips for optimizing content for SEO.


This is another big thing. It is just like how are your references or links to the people in your personal life. Seriously, it helps you as much as it is. The more links, you have more authority.

“When you connect to an external website, it creates a link between both of you; this link is called Backlink for you.” It is also called External Link or Inbound Link.

How To Build Backlinks:

If you have great content it is very easy to get the backlink for your website. Create always informative content, not for only your website, but also for the other website from where you want to get a backlink.

Even having great content, there are two thing very clear about the backlinks:-

    • It is costly
  • It is Time Taking.

From Where You Should Get The Backlink?

There are few points which you must care while getting the backlink:-

That website must have…

    • Higher Domain Authority
    • Relevancy
    • Having Higher Traffic (You can check it from SEMrush)
  • Provide Dofollow Link (In some case the Nofollow link also works)

Business Listing

This is another great thing which you cannot miss. It helps you a lot in Local SEO. Create your Google Business Page. Do verify it too.

There are many other citation sites which provides you backlinks too. Never miss these websites. Choose the most relevant websites to you and do the listing here.

It builds a trust. Google also trusts on these websites and consider good to have the backlinks from these websites.

Social Media

Never underestimate the power of Social Media. You can get the backlink from these sites. These links make you trustworthy. Produce great content. Post them and do share on your social accounts.

Your business should have at least these social media accounts:

    • Google Plus
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Linkedin
    • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Directory Submission

Yes, this is right that there are lots of websites which have a wrong reputation and it may hit your websites too. But there are some good directory websites too.

Try to get the backlink from the same niche directory website. These websites provide the links in 3 types:-

    • Paid Link
    • Reciprocal Link
  • Free Links (it gets longer time to live the link)

So, find out the best directory website and create the backlink on them.

Blog Commenting

The easiest way to get the better link. Sometimes people do not use this by saying that we are getting Nofollow links.

This is really very sad to hear their excuse. For a healthy website it is good to have the best ratio of Dofollow and Nofollow Links. So, this will improve the ratio and make your website a healthy website.

    • Do comment on the relevant website
    • Do check if they provide the link
  • Your comment should be informative. Either it adds a point or raise a question which might be solve the doubt of many readers of that blog.

Forum Posting

Do join the relevant niche website and be active on them. Do post the thread with informative content and try to answer the useful questions too.

We have seen there are lots of people who ask irrelevant or mass question. Never reply them and you should also avoid this.

There are many websites which allow the backlinks after a number of posts. In this case you can get the link by putting your link in the signature area. There are some forum posting websites which provide Dofollow links too. Try to find out these types of website and do post there.

Guest Posts

There are few SEOs who are against it and say this is not good to do Guest Post now. Guest Post is dead.

But I think it is still alive and effective too. You just need to have a proper selection of website, Right Approach and Wonderful Content.

As I have earlier stated that if you have great content it is very easy to get the backlink. Guest Post is one of the examples.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is an old strategy to get the backlink but still there are few which works. If you create web 2.0 on Tumblr, Wix. Weebly or WordPress, it really works. Choose the websites wisely otherwise there is very high chances to be hit by Google. So, enjoy this way carefully.

I never suggest you to do this one in mass. You can do only few.

From Where You Should Not Get The Backlink?

You should avoid the cheap and spammy website. It is very easy to get the backlink from these websites but it harms you. It might get some positive response to your website, but you should never forget about Penguin Update. Yes, this is another filter which prevents or hits the websites having weak or spam links.

Giving here few tips which guides you in avoiding the website:-

    • Irrelevant Website
    • Websites on the same IP Address
    • Websites with Less Traffic
  • Automated Links

Mobile Friendliness

Is your Website Mobile Friendliness?

If not, you are losing a good number of traffic.

In 2015, The Google has said officially that Mobile has more searches than desktop . This statement was in respect of adwords. So, we can not deny this in SEO.

Keeping this thing in mind Google has released an update related to mobile. On 21 April, 2015, Google announced this Mobile friendly update and named it Mobilegodden. It is designed to give a boost to the mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search result.

You can test your website in Google’ mobile friendly test tool.

Now Google is going to launch a Mobile-first index. For now it has been launched for few websites, but later it will be implemented for all websites. There is major chance to get this in the next year as new year gift from Google. I hope so. So, now this is the biggest reason to keep this in the list of top google ranking factors 2018.

Page Speed

According to a survey  there are following points which attracts us and make the page speed more valuable:-

    • Nearly half of web users expect a site to load within 2 seconds or less
    • The same users leave the website if it load in more than 2 seconds.
    • 79% of web shoppers said they will never visit to the website if they found trouble while purchasing on that website
  • 44% of them share their experience with their friends

Now you can imagine if you have website with a long loading time period. This is the reason which compels me to put this into the tops google ranking factors 2018.

Check your website speed here at Google . The most positive thing to check here they you will get suggestions here what need to resolve in your website.

How To Improve The Page Load Time

I have earlier discussed this in my last article “How To Improve Your Website Load Time”. Here I’m giving  few tips in shorts:-

    • Enable Compression
    • Optimize Your Images
    • Minimize HTTP Request
    • Reduce Server Response Time
    • Enable Browser Caching

Final Thoughts

After reading previous years Ranking Factor and analyzing it, I have found that if we focus on these things and implement accordingly we can achieve more traffic and have a good ranking. So, I will suggest you to more focus on these things and get more traffic, sales and generate more leads.

Hope you like this article. Please do share and comment here if you have any doubt or question.

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