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What is Google Pigeon Update ?

We have seen a lots of Google Updates till now like Panda Update, Penguin Update and more. The Penguin and Panda updates have changed the ranking process and algorithm related to its but the Google Pigeon update is more different to these.

 What is Pigeon Update ?

The Pigeon Update launched on July 24, 2014. This was only for English (US) search. It is the one of the Google’s Local Search algorithm updates. The aim of this update is to provide more useful, relevant and accurate local result.

The aim of this update was to increase the accuracy of ranking of Local listing in a search. It affected few local search rankings. The changes due to this updates has been noticed by the webmasters. This change influenced Google Maps along with other Google Search result.

Google said, “Pigeon Update has improved distance and ranking parameter for local search results.”

Who Named It ?

Search Engine Land has named this update to Pigeon Update.

What You Must Do ?

There are lots of activities we have been doing for the Organic SEO or Local SEO. Few of them activities are really very effective even in this time too. We just need to focus few of them and keep them continue.

Here, Giving those activities which must not be stopped:-

    • Create Google Business Page
    • Submit website on big local directories like Yelp, MerchantCircle, Yahoo and more
    • Use Traditional SEO too for On Page Optimization(Include Location Name in Title/Description)
    • Keep updating your listings
  • Create Business and Location Oriented Content

Just follow the given few tips for Local Optimization. If you have already optimized your website and still not getting ranking and traffic, just do not be panic. Due to poor result never perform “Over Optimization”. It may hurt you more badly. “SEO is the game of patience” keep this sentence in your mind whether you are a Business Owner or SEO Analyst.

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