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Top Craigslist Alternative in Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado’s capital, is a dynamic city recognized for its gorgeous natural landscape, outdoor leisure activities, cultural attractions, and welcoming citizens. Denver, located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, provides beautiful views of the mountains and serves as a gateway to Colorado’s outdoor playground.

The Denver Art Museum, which includes a large collection of American Indian, African, and European art, is one of the city’s most popular attractions. The museum is particularly well-known for its stunning architecture, which includes a huge extension completed in 2006.

The Denver Botanic Gardens, with over 24 acres of gardens, conservatories, and natural habitats, is also located in Denver. The gardens are a popular tourist and local site, and they hold a variety of events and programs throughout the year.

Denver is an excellent destination for sports fans. The Denver Broncos football team, Colorado Rockies baseball team, and Denver Nuggets basketball team all play in the city. Fans can watch a game at one of the city’s numerous sports stadiums, which include Sports Authority Field at Mile High, Coors Field, and the Pepsi Center.

Denver’s proximity to the Rocky Mountains, which offer a variety of outdoor activities, will appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. The mountains surrounding Denver have something for everyone, from hiking and mountain biking to skiing and snowboarding. With over 200 parks and more than 85 miles of bike lanes, the city itself provides many options for outdoor recreation.

Finally, Denver is known for its food and drink scene, which includes a wide range of restaurants, pubs, and breweries. The city is particularly well-known for its craft beer, with over 100 breweries in the Denver metropolitan region.

Denver is a fantastic city with something for everyone. Denver has it all, whether you’re into art and culture, sports, outdoor leisure, or fine food and drink.

Navigating Denver’s Online Classifieds: Tips for Using Craigslist Safely and Effectively

Craigslist and other online classifieds have grown in popularity as a way to buy and sell products and services in Denver, Colorado. Craigslist is very popular in the Denver area due to its ease of use and the large number of available postings.

One advantage of using Craigslist in Denver is that you can locate local deals on a wide range of products, such as furniture, electronics, and autos. Many people in the region utilize Craigslist to sell unwanted stuff, which can result in amazing prices for purchasers.

Craigslist is also a good place to look for services in Denver, such as house cleaning, yard work, and handyman services. Many local residents and small companies post their services on Craigslist, making it simple to obtain the assistance you require.

However, when using Craigslist and other online classifieds in Denver, it is critical to take caution. Scams and fraud have occurred on the site, so be aware of bargains that appear too good to be true or demand you to deposit money before receiving the goods or service.

To avoid fraud, it is recommended that you exclusively deal with local merchants and buyers, finish the transaction in a public place, and pay in cash if possible. It’s also a good idea to do some research about the item or service you’re interested in to make sure you’re receiving a good deal.

Surfing Craigslist and other online advertisements in Denver can be a terrific method to find amazing prices on goods and services. To avoid scams and fraud, use care and conduct thorough research.

Exploring Craigslist Alternatives: Why Using Other Online Platforms Can Be Beneficial for Your Business and Buying/Selling Needs

While Craigslist is a famous online marketplace for buying and selling products, it is not the only one. Indeed, there are numerous Craigslist alternatives that can be just as useful, if not more so, for marketing your business or selling and purchasing products.

One of the primary advantages of using Craigslist alternatives is that they may have a more targeted audience. Some websites, for example, are expressly focused on specific industries or sorts of things, making it simpler to connect with potential buyers or sellers who are interested in what you have to offer.

Another benefit of using alternative websites is that they may have extra features that can improve your buying and selling experience. Some websites, for example, may have better search tools, more thorough item listings, or user rating systems to assist you in making more educated judgments about who to purchase or sell from.

Using alternate websites might also assist you in reaching a larger audience. While Craigslist is a prominent online marketplace, it is not the only location where people go to purchase and sell products. You may boost your visibility and reach a wider range of potential customers or sellers by using various platforms.

Finally, using alternate websites can help you avoid some of Craigslist’s downsides, such as fraud and fraud. While no online platform is fully immune to these vulnerabilities, adopting various platforms can lower your risk by providing you with additional options.

Using Craigslist alternative websites to market your business or sell and purchase products can be a terrific strategy. You may boost your visibility, reach a larger audience, and lower your risk of scams and fraud by using various platforms.

Exploring Alternative Websites to Craigslist

Many people have been looking for Craigslist alternatives in recent years. Although Craigslist is a popular venue for buying, selling, and trading products, it is not the only alternative. Investigating Craigslist alternatives can lead you to other websites that provide comparable services and features. These choices may have different rules, prices, or communities, so do your homework before making a choice. You can discover a new platform that works even better for your requirements with a little digging.

  • Wallclassifieds is a free online classifieds network that serves all of North America’s major cities, including Denver. It allows users to submit classified advertising in various categories, including employment, housing, objects for sale, and services. Ad renewal and email alerts for new listings are also available through the platform. Wallclassifieds is an excellent alternative for individuals searching for a community-driven classifieds experience, thanks to its local focus and user-friendly interface.
  • H1ad is a nationwide online classifieds service that includes Denver. It allows users to submit classified advertising in a variety of categories, including jobs, housing, and objects for sale. The platform also includes tools like ad renewal and search filters to help you discover what you’re looking for. H1ad is an excellent alternative for people searching for a comprehensive online classifieds experience, thanks to its extensive reach and user-friendly layout.
  • FreeAdsTime is a free classifieds website with locations all around the world. Users can submit classified advertising for employment, housing, and stuff for sale. Ad renewal and email alerts for new listings are also available through the platform. FreeAdsTime is an excellent alternative for people wishing to buy or sell products online, thanks to its user-friendly layout and global reach.
  • Giganticlist is a free classifieds website that covers every city in the United States, including Denver. Users can publish classified advertising in a variety of categories, including employment, housing, and objects for sale. The platform also includes tools like ad renewal and search filters to help you discover what you’re looking for. Giganticlist is an excellent alternative for people wishing to purchase or sell products online because of its extensive coverage and user-friendly layout.
  • Overstock is an online store that sells a wide range of discounted products, including furniture, home decor, bedding, and gadgets. It also has its own private label brand and a loyalty program with features like free shipping and awards. Overstock is a favorite alternative for many people due to its low prices and easy online shopping.
  • OfferUp is a mobile marketplace software that allows users to purchase and sell products in their neighborhood. It sells a wide range of things, including electronics, household goods, and clothing. The software allows users to speak with one another, and the platform provides buyer and seller protection. OfferUp is a popular alternative for people looking for a straightforward way to purchase and sell products due to its simple design and local focus.
  • Advertiseera is a free online classifieds ad platform where users can submit classified ads. It includes a wide range of topics, such as jobs, housing, and objects for sale. The platform also includes tools like ad renewal and search filters to assist users in finding what they’re looking for. Advertiseera is an excellent alternative for people wishing to buy or sell products online for free because of its simple layout and extensive coverage.
  • Facebook Marketplace is a platform within the Facebook app that enables users to buy and sell products in their local area. It sells a wide range of things, including clothing, electronics, and furnishings. Users can speak with one another via the app, and the platform includes security measures such as secure payments and buyer/seller reviews. Facebook Marketplace is a popular option for buying and selling things due to its easy connection with Facebook and vast user base.
  • eBay is a website where users may purchase and sell products via auctions or fixed-price deals. It sells everything from electronics to apparel to memorabilia. In addition, the platform provides buyer and seller safeguards, as well as a variety of shipping and payment alternatives. eBay is a popular alternative for both buyers and sellers due to its enormous user base and reputation for dependability.
  • FinderMaster is a multi-country classifieds website that includes the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Users can publish classified advertising in a variety of categories, including employment, housing, and objects for sale. The platform also includes tools like ad renewal and search filters to help you discover what you’re looking for. FinderMaster is a wonderful alternative for anyone wishing to buy or sell products online, thanks to its global reach and user-friendly layout.
  • ClassifiedsFactor is a free online classifieds platform that includes the United States, Canada, and Australia. Users can post advertisements for a variety of categories, including jobs, accommodation, and goods for sale. Additionally, the platform offers search filters and ad renewal to make it easier to find what you’re searching for. ClassifiedsFactor is a fantastic option for those seeking to purchase or sell items online due to its extensive coverage and user-friendly interface.

Factors to Consider When Using Craigslist Alternatives

While there are numerous advantages to utilizing Craigslist alternatives, it is vital to keep a few things in mind to ensure a positive experience. Here are some considerations when utilizing Craigslist alternatives:

  • Similar to Craigslist, safety should be a primary concern when using alternative websites. Always meet purchasers or sellers in a public place, never divulge personal or financial information, and trust your instincts if something seems fishy.
  • Others may charge fees or commissions for their services, while some alternative websites may offer complimentary listings. Before using a platform, be sure to peruse its terms and conditions so that you are aware of any associated fees.
  • Consider the user base of each alternative website to ensure that it corresponds to your intended audience. Certain platforms may be more niche-oriented or have a smaller user base, limiting your ability to reach a larger audience.
  • Look for alternative websites with robust search functions to make it simpler to locate the products or services you’re seeking. The ability to filter by location, price, or other factors can be particularly useful.
  • Reputation: Ensure that the alternative website you are considering has a decent reputation by conducting research. Look for user evaluations or testimonials, as well as any negative feedback or complaints.
  • Customer service: Ensure that the alternative website you select has excellent customer service in case you encounter any problems. Look for platforms that provide multiple customer services contact options, such as phone, email, and live chat.

Using Craigslist alternatives can be a fantastic method to buy and sell items or promote your business. However, it is essential to consider these factors to ensure a positive and secure experience.

Top 10 Plus Online Classifieds in Erie Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a northeastern state in the United States. It is well-known for its important position in American history, as it was the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence and played a pivotal role in the American Revolution. Pennsylvania is also home to a number of well-known landmarks, such as the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Philadelphia, the state’s largest city, is known for its rich cultural history and thriving arts community. Pennsylvania is also home to a number of additional significant cities, including Pittsburgh and Harrisburg.

Erie, Pennsylvania – A Vibrant City with Rich History and Stunning Scenery

Erie, Pennsylvania, is a beautiful metropolis located in the state’s northwestern corner, adjacent to Lake Erie. Erie is a thriving metropolis with a population of approximately 100,000 people that offers a rich history, breathtaking scenery, and a variety of attractions and activities.

Presque Isle State Park, a gorgeous peninsula that extends into Lake Erie and features sandy beaches, hiking trails, and a variety of recreational opportunities, is one of the most notable attractions in Erie. The Erie Maritime Museum is home to the US Brig Niagara, and the Erie County Historical Society provides insight into the city’s past.

Erie is also well-known for its flourishing arts and culture scene, with numerous galleries, museums, and theaters showcasing both local and international talent. Among many other locations, the city is home to the Erie Philharmonic Orchestra, the Erie Art Museum, and the Erie Playhouse.

For sports enthusiasts, Erie is home to several minor league teams, including the Erie SeaWolves and the Erie Otters. Erie also offers a variety of shopping and dining options, from local boutiques and specialty stores to national retailers and chain restaurants.

Erie is a thriving city that provides something for everyone, from its breathtaking natural beauty and rich history to its flourishing arts and culture scene and diverse range of activities and attractions.

Why You Should Use Free Online Classifieds in Erie, Pennsylvania

If you’re seeking to buy or sell goods and services in Erie, Pennsylvania, online classifieds are an excellent option to consider. Here are several reasons:

  • – Convenience: Because online classifieds are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you can peruse and post ads whenever it is convenient for you. Additionally, you can access classifieds from any location with an internet connection, whether you are at home or on the go.
  • – Free online classifieds enable you to reach a large audience without spending any money on advertising. This can be especially useful for small enterprises and individuals who are selling products or services on a limited budget.
  • – You can reach potential consumers or purchasers in the Erie area by targeting your online classified ads to specific geographic regions. This can increase the likelihood of making a transaction or locating the goods or services that you seek.
  • – Typically, online classifieds offer a variety of categories, from housing and employment to automobiles and domestic goods. This makes it simple to locate the specific goods or services you need or to sell items you no longer require.

Free online classifieds in Erie, Pennsylvania, are an excellent resource for anyone seeking to purchase or sell products or services in the area. They offer convenience, affordability, targeted advertising, and a wide selection of categories.

Here is a list of the top 12 online classifieds in Erie, Pennsylvania:

1- AdvertiseEra is a classifieds website that operates in Erie, Pennsylvania, and throughout the United States. The platform provides a user-friendly interface for connecting and transacting between buyers and merchants. A variety of categories, including real estate, vehicles, and electronics, are accessible to users. The website is free to use and facilitates local buying and selling. With AdvertiseEra, users can swiftly and easily reach a localized audience and conduct transactions.

2- ClassifiedsFactor is a well-known website for local classifieds in the United States, including Erie, Pennsylvania. It provides an accessible marketplace for individuals and businesses to purchase and sell goods and services. The website features numerous categories, including real estate, automobiles, employment, and others. The website is free to use, and its user-friendly interface allows users to rapidly connect with local buyers and sellers. ClassifiedsFactor provides a dependable and efficient method for individuals to purchase and sell goods within their community.

3- Craigslist is a well-known classifieds website that serves users in the United States and around the globe. It is a free platform where individuals and businesses can post advertisements for goods and services they desire to purchase or sell. Users can navigate through numerous categories, including housing, employment, for sale, and services. Craigslist has earned a reputation as the go-to platform for purchasing and selling used items, making it a favorite among bargain hunters. However, users must exercise caution when utilizing the platform, as fraud and schemes are possible.

4- eBay is a popular online marketplace that enables users to purchase and sell items worldwide. The platform offers a variety of categories, including electronics, clothing, and collectibles. eBay offers both new and used products, and its auction-style format enables customers to place bids on items of interest. Integrated buyer protection policies guarantee the security of all transactions between customers and sellers. In addition, eBay provides sellers with a variety of tools and resources for expanding their enterprises, such as analytics and marketing tools.

5- Facebook Marketplace is an online marketplace where Facebook users can purchase and sell local goods and services. The platform is accessible via the Facebook mobile app and website and is free to use. Users are able to browse and search for products by category, location, and keyword. Facebook Marketplace is popular among small businesses and individuals who wish to sell items within their local community swiftly and easily. The platform’s integrated messenger service can be used for transactions, and buyers and sellers can leave ratings and reviews to develop community trust.

6- FinderMaster is an extensive online classifieds platform that includes Erie, Pennsylvania. It provides an intuitive interface for buyers and sellers to post and view advertisements for products and services. The website features numerous categories, including real estate, automobiles, employment, and others. FinderMaster is a free service that facilitates user connections with local buyers and vendors. The platform also provides vendors with a variety of tools and features to help promote their advertisements and reach a larger audience.

7- FreeAdsTime is a leading online classifieds platform that includes Erie, Pennsylvania. It provides a user-friendly interface for posting advertisements for products and services by individuals and businesses. The website features numerous categories, including real estate, employment, automobiles, and others. FreeAdsTime is a user-friendly platform that allows users to purchase and sell locally at no cost. The platform also provides vendors with a variety of tools and features, such as ad promotion, to help them reach a larger audience and increase their sales opportunities.

8- GiganticList is a free online classifieds platform serving all North American communities, including Erie, Pennsylvania. It provides a straightforward and intuitive interface for individuals and companies to purchase and sell goods and services. The website features numerous categories, including real estate, employment, automobiles, and others. GiganticList is a free service that facilitates user connections with local buyers and vendors. In addition, the platform provides a variety of tools and functions to help vendors promote their advertisements and reach a larger audience, thereby increasing their chances of making a sale.

9- H1ad is a free classifieds website serving all cities in North America, including Erie, Pennsylvania. The platform provides a user-friendly interface for posting and browsing advertisements for products and services. It includes a variety of categories, such as real estate, vehicles, employment, and others. H1ad is a free service that facilitates communication between users and potential buyers or vendors in their local area. The website also provides sellers with a variety of tools and features to help them promote their advertisements and reach a larger audience, making it easier to sell items swiftly and efficiently.

10- Overstock is an online retailer offering a variety of products, including furniture, home decor, bedding, apparel, and jewelry. The company’s low prices and frequent promotions make it a popular destination for consumers seeking to save money. In addition to a rewards program that enables customers to earn rewards on purchases, Overstock offers free shipping on the majority of orders over a certain threshold. Overstock has become a go-to online purchasing destination due to its extensive product selection and competitive prices.

11- WallClassifieds is an online classifieds platform that enables users to post advertisements for goods and services. The website features numerous categories, including real estate, employment, automobiles, and others. WallClassifieds is a free service that makes it easy for users to communicate with local buyers and sellers. In addition, the platform provides a variety of tools and functions to help vendors promote their advertisements and reach a larger audience, thereby increasing their chances of making a sale. WallClassifieds encompasses every city in North America, including Erie, Pennsylvania.

12- Wish is an online purchasing platform that provides an extensive selection of reasonably priced products, including apparel, accessories, electronics, and home decor. The company obtains its products directly from the manufacturer, allowing it to sell them at a lower price than most other retailers. Wish offers a mobile app and website, both of which feature an intuitive interface for perusing and purchasing products. Additionally, customers can save money with daily discounts, promotional offers, and Wish Cash rewards. offers a vast selection of products at competitive prices, albeit with lengthier shipping times than other retailers.

To summarize:

Individuals and businesses can use a variety of online classifieds and e-commerce platforms to purchase and sell goods and services. There is likely a platform that meets your requirements, whether you want to purchase a used car or sell handmade goods. Popular online classifieds such as Craigslist, FreeAdsTime, and WallClassifieds provide users with a convenient way to purchase and sell locally, while e-commerce giants such as eBay and Overstock offer a vast selection of products at competitive prices. Individuals and businesses can discover the platform that best suits their needs and preferences because there are so many options available.

classified sites

Top 100+ Classifieds Sites in USA

Classified Sites in USA

The given classified sites have high Domain Authority and Page Authority. If you do posting on these classified websites you’ll have a high opportunity to get more exposure  and your ads will be viewed mostly. Means you have more chance to get more responses. The classifieds activity does not consider in the Black Hat SEO. It is totally an important part of White Hat SEO.

What are USA classified sites?

Again, the USA Classified sites are the best way to promote your services and products on the world wide web. One can easily get the world’s attention by submitting their ads on the classifieds website. It is also useful for your SEO campaign. By doing classifieds, you can easily get the best and quality backlink for your website or blog. It has been always a good practice to perform classifieds activity for any website or blog. By doing just one activity you are going to get Traffic and Backlink both for your website. This USA classified sites list includes the only website which can be used for USA businesses. This is not much different from the earlier offline ads which were being used to put on the wall to grab the people’s attention. Classifieds websites work in the same way but digitally. People visit the website and interact with the ads as per their requirements. 

Increasing the use of the internet, making it more impactful and worthy. There are several ways to promote the business online but as posting the ads on the USA classified site is free, impactful, and easy the SEOs are adopting this aggressively. As here we are going the present the classifieds websites for the USA, you can find the Classified sites for UK, classifieds sites for Australia, and classifieds sites for India too. These are the most important lists for the SEOs who are responsible for Off Page SEO in their company.

How to Use USA classified sites?

The USA classified sites have become the most important part of off-page SEO. If someone wants to get the traffic and backlinks both in one go they must work on classifieds. It needs a little bit of research such as – 

    • Finding out the Domain Authority of the Website
    • Checking Spam Score
  • Checking Moz Rank etc.

Here are giving few tips to follow while do the Classifieds

    • Choose Specific Country
    • Choose Specific Category
    • Write Description with full information
    • Provide Correct Contact Details
      • Have Images and Videos
    • Never publish on the classifieds sites which have same IP Address

Apart from the above tins, you need to follow the below tips as well in order to do classifieds posting in a better way.

  • Title

Always try to use tile like a pro. It is the things which are going to attract the visitors to your ads and tgen on your website. Keep it short and related to your subject. Try to put your one of the most keyword into your title.

  • Description

Describe your ads in a very easy language. Do not try to make it so long. But also make it so able to say what you want to say with the help of your ads. Try to include your keyword in the description too. Keep your keywords several times in variations. It also should not look like you are doing keyword stuffing.  If you are providing some offers or coupons please mention them in your description in bold. It makes your ads uniques as there are several people who are putting the stuff related to the same subject or services or products.

  • Contact Details

Aa… Now comes the most important part and how can you miss this one. So try to provide every possible contact details so that customers can visit you easily. Also, provide your Social Media links so that peoples can find your authenticity. 

These classifieds websites for the USA are good for the promotion of our business online. These USA classified sites will serve you as one of the best ways to promote your products & services in a global market. You will see a great impact on your business growth if you use this strategy appropriately.

List of top USA classified sites 2024

Anyone who wants to post free classified ads for their blogs, websites, products, services, jobs, and more ; can post here. Here I’m presenting a list of 100 most popular free classified website where people can browse, view, post ads, buy or sell any items they want. These website have big impact on you SEO.

Top Classified Sites

Website Domain Authority Page Authority Moz Rank 43 43 4.3 38 41 4.1 36 37 3.7 28 28 2.8 29 34 2.9 52 47 4.7 32 34 3.4 24 32 3.4 15 23 2.3 43 52 5.27 95 41 4.61 90 92 6.64 71 69 5.63 64 70 6.59 64 48 4.04 63 44 3.56 54 62 5.77 53 61 7.14 52 60 5.87 51 59 6.53 51 59 6.18 48 51 5.18 48 49 6.24 48 56 6.7 48 38 3.27 47 56 5.55 47 55 4.58 47 45 4.09 47 55 5.2 46 54 5.02 46 53 5.1 46 52 5.62 45 54 5.58 43 42 4.19 43 53 7.08 43 31 0 42 42 4.95 41 43 4.75 41 48 5.26 40 44 5.5 39 45 5.9 39 46 6.27 38 42 2.44 38 44 5.91 38 48 3.69 38 42 5.14 38 43 4.52 37 39 5.57 37 41 5.94 37 42 6.68 37 47 4.84 36 40 4.49 36 37 5.38 36 40 4.05 36 44 4.7 35 41 4.98 35 39 5.03 35 42 4.44 34 39 2.26 34 37 5.28 33 43 5.56 33 41 4.54 33 37 4.83 33 41 5.36 33 42 4.3 32 39 5.56 31 34 4.95 31 42 5.91 31 40 5.75 31 41 6.08 31 41 5.03 31 41 5.09 31 35 5.84 30 40 4.26 29 27 3.88 29 36 4.01 29 40 5.81 29 37 5.72 29 37 4.24 28 33 3.6 28 39 5.4 28 17 0 27 30 4.33 27 37 4.61 26 30 4.24 26 35 4.45 26 37 5.44 25 32 5.19 25 31 4.02 25 32 6.17 25 36 5.35 23 36 2.5 22 33 3.9 22 28 3.35 22 28 5.34 21 32 5.37 21 24 3.92 21 28 4.76 20 5 0 20 28 2.9 20 32 5.11 18 25 2.62 16 1 0 12 17 0 12 1 0 8 1 0
Social Bookmarking Sites Profile Creation Sites Image Sharing Sites Business Listing Sites

Top 40+ New Zealand Business Listing Websites

New Zealand Business Listing Sites

Local listing sites for New Zealand have been always an excellent resource to start your link building campaign. But finding good business listing sites for New Zealand local business is always tough work.

There is a huge number of business listing sites are available but your priority should be finding quality websites. The website must have not a high spam score. The local listing websites with high spam scores may impact your website in a bad way. Your ranking may fall and you may lose your traffic. Once you lose the traffic, it will be very hard to get it again back. This is why always try to find a quality website. 

Why NZ Local Business Site?

For any local business, why is it important to get listed on their local business listing site? There is no rocket science behind this logic. The local business listing sites tend to have more local audiences than any other websites. For a business whose target audiences are local they likely to get a more relevant audience from these websites? So, for the business located in New Zealand, the New Zealand business listing sites would be more effective and fruitful.      

How to Get Listed on New Zealand Busines Listing Site?

What to do if you get the New Zealand local business sites? Here are a few simple steps which you have to follow to get listed on those websites-

Gather Information of Your Business- These websites need various types of information about your business such as Business Name, Business Phone Number, Business Address, Working Hours, Images, Logo, Banners, Website Links, Social Media Links, and more. So before starting the listing on these websites, you must gather this information on a word document. It makes it easy for you and you can complete the listing in very little time. It saves time and also helps you to keep accurate information on all over the local listing websites.

Check Quality of Those Websites – It is always a good practice to check the website’s quality before sign up. In order to check its quality, find out the Domain Authority, Moz Rank, and Spam Score. The spam score must be below 1% of every website. If it is more than 1%, I will strongly recommend you to avoid those websites.

Try To Provide All Possible Information – The New Zealand business listing sites will ask you for various types of information about your business. It is always good to provide all possible information to those websites. It generates high authenticity and authority of your business on those listing websites. If it asks for getting verify the business phone number and email ID, please do it.

Best New Zealand Business Listing Websites

Here we are sharing the best New Zealand business listing websites which will help your business to get a good number of traffic and as well as leads. Business listing sites for New Zealand have a very good impact on the local businesses here-

WebsiteMoz DAMozRank

Hope these business listing websites for New Zealand will help you. Let me know your best website in the comment section. Also, let us know if we have missed any New Zealand business listing websites in this list.

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Free Classified Sites For UK : Self Tested Websites

Free Classified Sites UK

Classified sites are those sites where you tell about your services and products. The Classifieds sites for UK are the best place to advertise your business. It helps you to generate the leads and get a backlink as well. The Classifieds sites are  going to be very effective day-by-day. If you have good resource of classifieds sites, you can save your precious time and make your work more result oriented. 

I’m trying my best to provide you those resources which have more reputation and providing the backlinks. These all classified sites have good domain authority and Mozrank.

You just need to register there and start posting the ads. Always try to have a title which can have more clicks and attract more visitors and gain your traffic as well. Be Specific and try to provide details as much as possible about your products. Always give right and proper contact details so that if anyone wants to contact you, can reach you easily. 

Also do not forget to post the images as well as. You can post the videos also if you have. It brings more traffic on your ads and will increase engagement.

You must follow the below given tips while doing classifieds posting- 

    • Avoid posting on those websites which have similar IP address. It  may be cause of duplicity and may harm your real website
    • Select the most relevant category
    • Provide the tag which have more searches
  • Set your targeted keywords as a tag. It is a better practice to use the keyword in variation too. 

Top Classifieds Site For UK

Find the list for top classifieds sites for UK businesses. These classifieds sites are going to help you a lot. By posting your business here, you can generate leads for your business and also get a link. The link might be Dofollow Link or NoFollow Links but in either way they are going to be helpful for your website SEO. 

Here I’m sharing the classified sites for UK which accept the ads from UK . There are many websites which accept the ads from multiple countries and few websites accepts only UK ads.

Classifieds Websites Domain Authority MozRank 89 7.1 84 5.8 62 4.8 53 5.3 52 4.8 52 4.9 50 4.2 49 4.6 49 3.9 46 5.1 41 4.1 40 3.9 39 4.8 38 4.3 37 4.1 37 4.1 36 4.8 36 4.5 35 4.5 34 3.9 33 4.8 32 4.3 31 4 31 4.1 31 3.8 31 2.9 31 3.7 30 3.9 28 4.4 28 4 28 4.4 28 3 28 3.8 26 3.4 26 3.8 26 3.7 24 3.6 24 3.6 22 3.5 22 4.3 22 3.7 21 4.1 21 3.9 21 4.1 21 3.4 21 3.6 21 3.9 20 3.8 20 3.7 20 3.1 18 3.7 18 2.6 18 3.3 17 3.9 16 3.7 16 3.2 16 3.2 15 3.4 14 3.3 14 2.2 13 2.5 12 3 11 3 11 2.4 10 2.3
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Free Classified Sites For India

Free Classifieds Sites For India

Classifieds sites for India are the platform to sell or buy the products or services. We can get a good number of leads or sales from these classifieds sites. There are lots of good websites which are more capable to provide you enough leads or sales without any charges. And, yes, there are few websites, which do charge for the same.

So, if you are dealing in any business, you must promote your services or products on classifieds sites in India. It will help you in two ways –

  • Providing Sales and Leads
  • Generating Quality Backlinks

Top Classifieds Sites in India

“How can we provide you the top classifieds sites for India?” – This is our top priority while we do work on finding the list for top classifieds sites in India. The classifieds sites must be so good that someone could get quality backlinks and leads as well. 

We have been constantly working on finding good resources and will keep it doing. It is just beginning. We are trying hard to provide you the best resources. We have already posted many such posts which contain different types of resources.

Each and every resources matter and are effective. As we can use these classified sites for creating backlink too. As we should try to get backlink from every corner of the web.

Free Classified Sites in India

Here, I’m again posting an article which is containing the classified sites for India. If you are doing for India business you will find this list very helpful.

Classified Websites Moz DA MozRank 77 6.1 74 6.2 68 5.8 66 5.9 62 5.9 61 5.8 60 6 57 5.5 53 5.8 53 5.9 52 5.4 50 5.7 49 5.5 48 5.2 46 5.6 46 5.2 46 5.3 45 5.6 45 5.5 44 5.2 42 5.1 42 4.8 41 4.9 41 5.4 40 3.3 40 5.2 40 5.1 39 5 38 3.3 38 5.1 37 5.1 37 5 37 4.9 37 5.3 37 5.2 36 4.9 36 3.3 35 4.5 35 4.8 34 5.2 34 5.3 34 4.9 34 4.3 34 5 33 5.1 33 5.1 33 4.9 33 5.4 33 5.1 32 5 31 4.9 31 5 31 5 31 4.9 31 3.6 30 3.7 30 5 30 5.1 30 4.9 30 4.3 29 3.8 29 4.2 29 4.8 29 4.7 29 6 28 3.9 28 3.9 27 4.7 27 4.9 27 3.1 27 4.9 26 5.1 26 4.8 26 4.8 26 4.7 26 5.1 26 3.6 25 4.9 25 4.6 24 4.7 24 4.8 24 4.8 24 5 24 4.8 24 4.6 24 4.8 23 4.3 23 3.3 23 5.1 23 3.7 23 3.7 23 4.8 23 4.7 23 4.7 22 4.7 22 4 22 4.8 22 3.3 21 3.3 21 4.6 21 4.1 21 4.8 21 3.5 21 4.7 20 4.7 20 4.7 20 4.7 20 4.7 20 4.6 20 4.6 20 2.9 20 4.7 20 3.7 19 4.7 19 2.8 19 4.6 19 3.1 19 2.8 18 4.6 18 4.6 18 3.4 18 3.7 18 3.7 18 2.4 18 4.7 18 4.6 18 4.6 17 2.7 17 3.6 17 3 17 2.6 17 4.5 17 2.4 17 2.9 17 3.1 17 3 17 3 16 4.5 16 3.6 16 4 16 2.7 16 3.1 16 2 15 2.9 15 4.5 14 4.5 14 2.8 14 3.3 14 2.9 13 1.9 13 2.7 13 4.6 12 2.9 12 2.7 12 5.1 12 2.3 12 1.9 12 2.2 10 2.6 10 4.4 10 4.5 9 2.1

Free Guest Post Websites for Professional Blog Writers

Guest Post Websites for Professional Blog Writers

After providing various off page activity resources now I am going to provide you the list of best guest post websites which are the best in their relevant niche.

Why Guest Post?

Sometimes it is very hard to get the backlinks from a high Domain Authority websites even after having a great content. Guest Posting is the method which is well capable to provide you such backlinks. This never breaks the Google guidelines. There is no fear to be penalized by various google  updates. The readers get the well curated and informative content which again increases the trust and authority of the website and author. These are the reasons to have the guest post for your website.

How To Find the Guest Posting Sites

Here, I am giving you the list of guest posting websites. These all websites have great authority and reputation. Here the list of guest post sites will help you to get the backlinks from the high authority websites.

If you find that these data are not enough you can find the more data in Google by following method:

Use Following Keywords

Perform the search in Google by using the following keywords:-

  • Niche “submit a guest post”
  • Niche “guest post”
  • Niche “guest post by”
  • Niche “accepting guest posts”
  • Niche “guest post guidelines”
  • Niche “contribute an article”
  • Niche “want to write”
  • Niche “submit your post”
  • Niche “become a contributor”

Note:- Use the Niche for the particular Niche you are looking to post the Guest Post.

Select Guest Posting Sites

As there are lots of websites but whom do you select for  your website? So. try you to make a benchmark for your website and never get the backlink from elsewhere from that. You can make your benchmark on following factors:-

  • Nofollow/Dofollow
  • Domain Authority
  • Mozrank
  • Spam Score

How To Pitch

It is not so hard to get the content publish on these websites if we approach to the webmasters in a right way. Try to present the content to the webmaster in a such way that at least he takes a look at the content. It is more important that how you approach to the the webmaster. Your email should define the everything in less words what you want to say.

There are many ways to make the first visit to the blog owner. You can find the contact form in website where the webmaster says to reach through. But in some other cases you can get an email id. Just write an email to the webmaster. Follow the following tips which make you email content more effective:-

  • Do not forget to go through the guidelines given on the website
  • Be Personal/Personalize your email
  • Do not forget to tell about yourself and provide some links too
  • Put your Social Media links too
  • If you are running your blog, mention it too

Guest Posting Sites

Here, I am giving the Website Name along with their Domain Authority, Mozrank and “How to submit” link. It is must to provide you the submit link which saves your precious time and make your task more easy. Please go through the list and approach to them and show the power of your content.

Website Domain Authority Mozrank How To Submit 98 7.02 Submit 96 6.93 Submit 95 7.05 Submit 95 6.96 Submit 94 6.89 Submit 94 7.24 Submit 93 5.34 Submit 93 6.92 Submit 92 6.55 Submit 92 6.61 Submit 91 6.27 Submit 91 6.79 Submit 91 6.39 Submit 91 6.96 Submit 90 6.4 Submit 90 6.74 Submit 89 7.12 Submit 88 6.67 Submit 88 6.9 Submit 87 6.31 Submit 87 5.4 Submit 87 6.49 Submit 87 6.39 Submit 86 6.58 Submit 86 6.45 Submit 86 6.47 Submit 85 6.82 Submit 85 6.82 Submit 85 5.84 Submit 85 6.74 Submit 83 6.32 Submit 82 6.1 Submit 82 6.14 Submit 81 6.2 Submit 81 6.5 Submit 81 5.98 Submit 81 7.04 Submit 80 6.86 Submit 80 5.94 Submit 80 6.11 Submit 80 6.29 Submit 80 6.46 Submit 79 6.28 Submit 78 6.47 Submit 78 6.05 Submit 78 6.34 Submit 77 6.21 Submit 77 6.81 Submit 75 5.83 Submit 75 6.15 Submit 74 7.1 Submit 74 5.94 Submit 73 5.95 Submit 72 6.48 Submit 71 6.58 Submit 71 6.79 Submit 70 6.03 Submit 69 5.83 Submit 69 6.15 Submit 68 6.57 Submit 68 5.87 Submit 68 6.6 Submit 67 5.74 Submit 65 6.16 Submit 65 6.36 Submit 64 6.18 Submit 62 5.88 Submit 62 5.47 Submit 62 5.87 Submit 61 6 Submit 61 6.23 Submit 61 5.86 Submit 60 5.99 Submit 60 6.62 Submit 59 6.4 Submit 59 5.79 Submit 58 6.73 Submit 57 5.79 Submit 57 5.27 Submit 56 6.52 Submit 56 5.64 Submit 56 6.17 Submit 55 5.26 Submit 55 6.22 Submit 55 5.76 Submit 55 5.53 Submit 54 6.46 Submit 54 5.93 Submit 53 5.04 Submit 53 5.3 Submit 53 5.85 Submit 52 4.88 Submit 52 5.21 Submit 51 5.66 Submit 51 5.23 Submit 51 5.81 Submit 49 5.67 Submit 49 6.2 Submit 49 6.01 Submit 49 5.22 Submit 49 5.42 Submit 48 6.24 Submit 48 5.51 Submit 47 5.46 Submit 47 5.79 Submit 47 5.79 Submit 46 6.2 Submit 45 6.55 Submit 44 5.49 Submit 43 5.08 Submit 43 5.25 Submit 42 5.49 Submit 42 5.77 Submit 42 5.46 Submit 42 5 Submit 42 5.81 Submit 41 5.42 Submit 41 5.7 Submit 41 6.08 Submit 39 5.6 Submit 39 5.41 Submit 38 5.29 Submit 38 5.9 Submit 38 5.61 Submit 38 5.1 Submit 38 5.82 Submit 38 4.79 Submit 37 4.72 Submit 37 5.6 Submit 36 6.06 Submit 36 4.91 Submit 36 6.26 Submit 36 4.2 Submit 36 5.31 Submit 35 5.44 Submit 35 6.04 Submit 35 5.36 Submit 34 5.09 Submit 34 5.02 Submit 34 4.56 Submit 34 5.07 Submit 33 4.95 Submit 33 5.51 Submit 32 5.25 Submit 32 5.12 Submit 31 6.19 Submit 30 5.22 Submit 30 6.51 Submit 30 4.13 Submit

I have made this guest post website list after a long research and analysis. I personally have sent “Guest Post Email” many of them and get published my content successfully.

I hope you like this list. Please do comment if I am missing any guest post website here. I would like to mention them in the list.

High DA Directory Submission Sites

Directory Submission Sites

Here, I am going to publish one more warm list of directory submission sites. There are lots of things  we have heard about directories. But here I am going to solve you every confusion and question regarding directory.

  • Is it good to do directory or not?
  • Where should it be done ?
  • Will Google spam our website ?

It is always good to do directory submission. But it depends on the website where you are doing the listing. Here the Domain Authority, MozRank and IP address which will make you very easy to select the website while doing submission.

Here you need to follow the few tips which will escape from being spam or hit by Google:-

  • Never select the websites which have same IP address (Given IP Address in the list)
  • Always select the high DA website (Given DA in the list)
  • Check the MozRank of the websites too
  • Do check the spamming score from Moz before doing listing
  • Select the most appropriate category
  • Never repeat the listing in one website

These are the tips which will save you from being spam. Follow these tips and do the submissions. The directory submission is the best for new websites. If you are already getting good number of traffic and having good ranking, never do the directory submission.

There are three types of listing available in directory submission. Get the link from anyone according to your convenience:-

  • Paid or Featured Listing
  • Regular Link with Reciprocal links
  • Free or Regular Listing

Directory Submission Sites List 2019

Find the list of directory websites, Here, I am providing  the websites which have good Domain Authority and good number of visitors on these websites.

Website DA MozRank IP Address 75 6.67 73 7.18 61 6.19 https: 60 4.82 59 6.22 59 6.23 https: 57 6.19 56 6.33 56 5.94 56 6.46 56 5.07 56 6.38 53 6.15 53 7.14 52 5.97 52 3.7 50 6.08 50 5.95 50 6.01 49 5.75 49 6.11 49 5.68 48 5.87 48 6.1 47 5.38 47 5.95 47 5.71 46 5.86 46 5.51 46 6.17 45 5.81 45 6.09 45 5.76 45 6.03 45 5.57 https: 44 5.67 44 5.57 44 5.86 44 5.22 44 5.83 44 3.6 44 6.29 44 5.48 44

Free Forum Submission Sites list

Forum Submission Sites

Here providing forum submission sites where you can create your account very easily and become able to post your thread. Use always relevant niche forum. It drives relevant traffic to your websites and you get right visitor to your website. It helps a lot if you are doing SEO.

How To Use Forum Sites

We have seen lots of discussion amongst SEOs regarding forum submission. There are lots of differences between SEOs. So, let’s go and try to find out the truth and exactly what must be.

There are few website which provides Dofollow link and few Nofollow link. It would be good to have link from both type of sites.

  • Choose Relevant Forums
  • Include Website link in Signature
  • Post Your Own Thread
  • Keep Replying on Others Threads too
  • Ask informative Question
  • Do Not Use More Links in Content Otherwise You Will be Banned
  • Be Active; Although it is not possible to be active on every forums but select few or make a checklist in respect of website and keep visited them weekly or bi-weekly.

Forum Sites List

After doing lots of research, I have reached at this point that if you use these websites, will be able to increase the traffic to your website. You can track the traffic coming from these site using Google Analytics. I have myself used these website and assure you that these all websites are effective and traffic-generator.  So, visit to your relevant website and add another wing in your off page activities.

Website Domain Authority MozRank 100 6.2 100 4.42 99 7.55 98 6.77 97 7.28 96 5.81 95 5.33 95 7.13 94 5.14 94 6.58 94 6.63 94 6.63 92 5.64 91 6.14 91 6.14 90 4.11 90 7.06 88 5.56 88 5.56 87 5.51 87 5.05 86 5.33 84 6.32 83 6.61 81 6.35 80 3.88 80 5.98 80 6.35 79 5.48 78 6.62 78 6.53 77 6.18 77 6.38 76 4.05 75 6.15 75 6.22 74 6.4 74 6.32 73 6.26 73 6.56 72 3.34 71 6.28 71 5.19 70 4.45 70 6.06 68 4.88 68 4.88 67 7.25 67 6.59 65 4.14 62 6.36 62 3.62 55 5.29 55 4.4 54 5.25 54 6.28 53 5.96 51 0 51 5.02 51 5.02 46 3.82 40 5.91 36 5.24 34 5.46 33 0 31 4.41


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