best keyword research tool

Best Keyword Research Tools

Best Keyword Research Tools

Here are the few top Keyword Research Tools which are most important and provides most reliable data. Let’s have look over them:-

Google Keyword Planner

Who Doesn’t Use this ?

I think everyone use this. This shows its popularity.

You need to just put here one Keyword, Phrase or page of your website. It provides Search Volume and Competition along with Keywords.

If you are finding Keywords from other tool you can find their Search Volume and Competition from here.

best keyword research tool


It is another feather in Keyword Research and Analysis field.

If you want more relevant long tail keywords then use this tool. It provides in depth data. You can check here Keywords Popularity, Keywords Difficulty and more.

What it Really Provides

  • Find Keywords that you can easily Rank
  • Reveal Keywords which your competitors are Missing
  • Get exact search volumes for close variant keywords
  • Narrow down your keyword research to a city level

keyword research

Keyword Tool

Get 750+ Keywords For Free.

Yes, you can get these number of Keywords totally Free.

How amazing!!!!

You can find keywords for different Search Engines like bing, Amazon, Youtube, Ebay and App Store. Again you can find the Keywords from selecting Country and languages. It is more valuable, smarter and faster tool for keyword research..

research tool


Competitor Keyword Research Tool.

“Competitive keyword research tools are great for determining which keywords and keyword combinations are working within your niche. “

– WordStream

Yes you can get your rivals’ keywords too.

It provides keywords with search volume and competitor.

It provides ranking, SEO click per month, Ranking Difficulty and more.

keyword research tool


It Provides…

  • Keywords Difficulty
  • Search Volume
  • Return Rate
  • Clicks
  • Click/Search
  • Global Volume

All these data looks good in Chart and graph which make it more easy to understand.

Ahref’s Keywords Explorer generates keyword ideas in four different ways:

  • Phrase match;
  • Having same terms;
  • Also rank for;
  • Search suggestions (autosuggest)


SEMrush is a popular tool.

It generates keywords in many manners.

It provides Kewords …

  • Trends
  • Organic Search
  • Phrase match keywords
  • Related Keywords
  • Organic Search Result for each keywords


This is an unique and amazing tool for keyword Research. It provides you search suggestions from different Search Engines. At glance you can see the different suggestions from different search engines.

tool 2017


Last but not Least.

Yes this one is really very fruitful tool which provides keywords based on one particular term.

If you are searching for “Cars for Sale” it will show you lots of good keywords related to this term.

You can select the most relevant keywords and later download them.

These are the tools which provide the keywords besides this you have to use your Brain too otherwise it will a robot work.

Hope this will help you!!!

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